nature of heart

the heart latches on to forbidden paths
toxic fruits
words that ignite
long suppressed passions
what fault is it of the heart?
it seeks only love
without judgement
naively, foolishly
daring, impertinent
hopes to be timeless
that is the nature of heart

the heart is secretive
hidden within hints
private poetry
that they read
but only you understood
and replied (sometimes)

the heart waits, intoxicated
remembers what it should not
forgets what it should not
this is the nature of heart


The dance and lyrics in this video are most enchanting (with a touch of mischief), and part inspiration for today’s poem. Watch how Parvathy Baul sings, dances and plays three instruments all with a cheeky smile. Enjoy!

The Bauls are mystic minstrels living in rural Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. Bauls belong to an unorthodox devotional tradition, influenced by Hinduism, Buddhism, Bengali, Vasinavism and Sufi Islam, yet distinctly different from them.
Unesco, Intangible Cultural Heritage

Image Credit – An Evening with Parvathy Baul

5 thoughts on “nature of heart

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem and wonderful Baul music!

    Oh, the mysteries of the heart.

    Kindest wishes,



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