Poet Prince

Incredibly proud to share this poem written by my nephew Rohan Parekh at age 7. Yes age 7! Keep it up RoRo, you are my Poet Prince :)


I don’t realise how many birds there are
Sitting on top of my left arm
And there’s a parrot on my head
And he’s made out of bread

With a bit of some cheese
And he really likes peas
Coca cola is the best
Will you please be my guest?

Christmas isn’t far away
We really have to pray
For my grandad in the sky
Who we had to say goodbye

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In case you missed it …

This was a story my sister Shraddha Parekh wrote about our parents, and their little serendipitous moment from 65 years ago. There has since been an update to the story. Please visit the post Serendipity again and scroll to the end to see the most wonderful end to this very unique story 🧡🐦🧡

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