Stranded! Beyond the sand dune I noticed him Grateful to find a saviour How was I to know He was thinking the same of me...

tears of a starfish

and one fine morning the starfish and the shell a mismatched couple though they were decided to venture away from the sea a day out, they excitedly thought away from the tidal timings and its monotonous movements and so they shuffled along politely declining the seaweed's offer of camouflage ignoring the noxious jelly fish' s bid … Continue reading tears of a starfish

guilty footprints

guilty footprints on the sand replacing shells as waves reclaim, reincarnate them through the circle of life

A little about me. . . and my favourite poem

I can say I have been writing for about a year and a half now. . . regularly and consistently. I have over 80 posts on my blog, a couple of unpublished poems, a couple of ideas for poems, a lot of micropoetry yet to be published. For a person who never even felt the … Continue reading A little about me. . . and my favourite poem

Pilgrimage of Prayer

A barren land Renowned for its dead It was in fact A piece of heaven That earth held onto Few recognized it They were the pilgrims Against a rising sun Whilst the sand was still cool Barefoot in black They inched towards the shrine Their first pilgrimage or a regular Gratitude and remembrance In a … Continue reading Pilgrimage of Prayer


Unveiling when my words sculpt you into a hero worship and adore you and the pedestal isn't high enough don't crush me you will never find another ... in this life nor the next... i kiss your every footstep quickly before the sand erases it won't you turn around and glance at me? ... if … Continue reading Unveiling

Cold Stony Sand

Cold Stony Sand (By theHiddenPoet) I stand here in a foreign land Beneath my boots, cold stony sand A desert country rough as stones With frosty nights that chill my bones And scorching days that blind my sight A burning hell until the night I came here to find myself Had I known, I lost … Continue reading Cold Stony Sand