the first lifetime

this one's about a sign,
or two
and a meeting
of two poets

(you did not forget, did you?
i asked for just one sign
but i received two
otherwise how would i connect?
i know that you know me 
better than i know myself
secrets are intimate
memories, deceptive)

today i saw you from a distance in time
and a random page of my journal
was open with these words
i had dedicated to you
once upon a time…

searching for poetry from your presence
stunned when your fingers clasped mine
what impression did I leave?
no words could I offer
but the silence was enough
with only mischief in your eyes
and i was left wondering

was this the first lifetime
that we met
perhaps the last?

this left me questioning

which is the more difficult… remember
or to forget?

(continued turn around)


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7 thoughts on “the first lifetime

  1. Dear Sonya,
    Sometimes we remember, sometimes we like to forget. It really depends on why we remember, it can be tragic or something precious like love. We often forget stuff that we think aren’t important. We are humans and perhaps this is how our mind works. I loved reading your poem. Thank you. :)


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for creating and sharing this lovely poem. Whether you intended or not, this poem left me wishing I could forget some things.

    All good wishes,



      1. Dear Sonya,

        I sense that being able to forget is a blessing. I am thinking now, not of denial or suppressing something, but just life-happenings that bring sadness.

        Let’s say that one goes through a relationship break-up. The associated pain of it does indeed diminish over time. Forgetting slowly heals (alongside other balanced ways of coping resiliently).

        All good wishes,



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