mistake my silence

do not mistake my silence
for forgiveness
unsaid words
are my only shred of dignity

where memories still flash back
like the aroma of naan
fresh from the tandoor

though poetry ran through our veins
stories of our ancestors
whispered deep into the nights
and the vision of magical beauty
around bonfires
tea-filled glasses
only remained an elusive mirage

still you wandered off
to sacred lands, to the beyond
without a thought
of appeasing a broken heart
as you frequently did
to many before
(and after me)

though this time round
you chose a formidable opponent
within the softness of appearance
lies a an unbreakable spirit
that refuses to crack
or to bow before you
(the consequence of dejected devotion)

it will only be when
i forget
that you may consider


[continued and concluded from the first lifetime & turn around]

5 thoughts on “mistake my silence

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing this creation.

    There is so much more to the depth of everyone’s experience. Seldom do we know what silence protects and what words mask.

    A beautiful creation.

    All good wishes,



  2. Do not forget or forgive
    build burning memories into a forge
    arise like a phoenix from flames of light
    His first word revealed was “read”
    yours is “write”

    The shade of distant stars
    are no shield from your rage
    before your torn heart can be healed
    mine must be found.

    there is no mistake in your silence
    nor relief from past friends in the secret place
    cast out from holy lands

    “First return what was stolen
    then, plead like a beggar
    before the gentle iron
    you thought was alone”


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