paint me colourless

you did paint me colourless
gifted me poetry, though wordless
your music, repeated rhythms, soundless

even prayers you taught, in the depth of night
stillness broken only by the filters of dawn
remain unfulfilled, though not hopeless

stories without preamble, ended all too soon
lessons therein learnt even sooner, ruthless

you were to leave, but instead i did
wandering on my mission, purposeless

nothing to see, yet i look back
as moments turn timeless


In the company of grey evenings
Woven in colourful dreams
After being mixed in your soul, O dyer
I would play the Holi of Ishaq(love)
If I suffer being neglected
Would find you in my own loss, O dyer!

Dye me in your own hue, O Nijam

You are my master, O beloved of God
Dye me in your own hue, O Nijam

which holds the arms of evenings
Dye the day and dye the evenings
Dye every moment in multiple hues, O dyer!
Just dye me now , dye me
Dye my headscarf and skirt
Mould me like yourself , O my Dyer!

Lyrics & Translation O Rangreza

9 thoughts on “paint me colourless

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for creating and sharing with us this beautiful poetry! We are left considering anew “colourless,” wordless,” and more.

    The music and lyrics are lovely.

    All good wishes,


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