the lost art

i felt it only appropriate to recite this poem. (hope you enjoy my experiment)

the lost art ~ recited by sonya kassam

do not look for stories
that live forever
between the pages of books
tales that hide in the heart
are conveyed orally
with a rising tone
or hushed words
poetic rhythm, commanding attention
meandering through a chain of generations
eager listeners round a bonfire
or huddled in a cramped room,
simultaneous sighs as
eyes captivate, words fascinate
enhanced by gestures
thoughts cross-pollinate
through the revival of a fading beauty
the lost art
of story-telling


we each have a story within us
go tell your story

16 thoughts on “the lost art

  1. You took me back to my not so distant past when my grandchildren and their friends used to
    literally pester me to tell stories! Ah,I am sure my children remember their childhood too!


  2. I love the image of a congregation sitting around a bonfire where thoughts cross pollinate. A sense of timelessness, of stories and traditions being passed down through generations.


    1. Hi Arati,

      Yes, the receiving of a story is very different when related in this manner. There is an unseen and unheard interaction between the story teller and audience. How I wish I could relate stories with flair.


  3. It’s true we do have stories to tell, but fast paced 21st century have changed humans into machines, no one has time to sit and hear or tell stories, you are right it’s becoming a lost ART!


  4. Dear Sonya,

    What a beautiful recitation of this lovely poem!

    May the stories which keep humanity alive keep traveling from heart to heart.

    All good wishes,



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