The Padre’s Shroud

This is a follow up to my mythical figure assignment The Mystic of Mackinnon Road and here I had to be an object in the myth.

The Padre’s Shroud

beside my bold silk of silver finery
they kneel, murmur, plead, chant

bargaining with elaborate promises
hope drenched whispers, ituri
filters through to your kaburi

do you hear their prayer, i wonder
at the blush of dawn, life so still
i feel, a stirring beneath me

awaken my pir, my padre
upon tracks
devoured by rust
seasoned with dust
the early train nears. decelerates.


ituri – perfume
kaburi – grave
pir – holy man

Mackinnon road


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9 thoughts on “The Padre’s Shroud

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Take the silvery finery of the pir in your hand, and break with the enemy. Be the wo/man of God, and free yourself of devils.

    This is a very inspiring poem. Thank you for it!

    All good wishes,



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