just one request

not an ardent advocate of prayer
for the purpose of asking, as
i bear flimsy conviction
in discerning
my best interests, 
that one consistent request

for a long time now, seems
 like all i ever wanted
was that one request

i explained so very gently
to ensure He comprehends
at times i demanded
like it was my birthright, even
made threats to deny Him
then i humbled myself
like a beggar, and
when that failed

i turned cheeky
to amuse Him
or i wrote words
to elevate Him
(did i imagine He needed my help?)
and played music, sang
to thaw the icy silence

but each time
and every time
and it has been months
of nothing
yes, nothing

i had heard that
those who raised

their hands up in dua
shall never be spurned
so each time
and every time
certain for an answer
i kept searching

i was sure
He would fulfill
my one request
an ounce
or two
patience, my one request

when eventually
i had to concede, that

if i could wait for it
i never even needed
to ask for patience
in the very first place

i’m sure God is having a chuckle, indeed
it was my honor to have humored Him
clearly He needs respite
from His own creation


My response to this week’s Dungeon Prompts Making God Laugh

14 thoughts on “just one request

  1. Haha, that was so precious!! I love your humour and transparency. i think when we are very young we learn to negotiate a bit and realize it doesn’t work with the Great Spirit. Awesome poem that flowed so nicely too!!

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  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem!

    How sharply you detailed the feeling of asking, asking, asking, and receiving. As He is with the patient, He was/is clearly with this requester.

    We believe that He may indeed need respite from His own creation.

    All good wishes,


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    1. Thank you for your heartfelt comments Robert.

      I immediately had an idea what my response to the prompt was. I didn’t know how I was going to structure it and make it flow it into a poem.

      Pushing myself to meet a challenge helps cross self-imposed limits and borders :)


    2. Dear Sonya,

      I know what you mean about pushing oneself. No real change occurs anywhere in our comfort zone.

      All good wishes,



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