the end of waiting


you said “wait”
and so i did
and so i realised
that you were right
waiting is not a choice

it is all i can do
and if it is all i can do

then at the least,
i must do it well

well enough
for the waiting to finally end


I have always struggled with patience.
More about it here Just One Request
and I wondered how to wait in Pratiksha – the Wait.

What you resist, shall persist.

I have done my best not to resist,
and I hope the manner in which I waited
shall now reward me with the end of waiting.


Inspiration: Sadhguru


14 thoughts on “the end of waiting

  1. I love how you chose to word this:
    “i must do it well
    well enough
    for the waiting to end”
    For me it speaks of patience and a sense of mindfulness, of being present to myself in the waiting and with this comes the moment when it ends. Like witnessing.

  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing with us this very nice meditation on patience, a most necessary quality.

    All good wishes,


  3. If patience is a virtue, the opposite is a ‘vice’ I share with you… I’d prefer we call it a trait, though! Loved the way you’ve captured your wait, although I have a question – isn’t waiting a choice, based on decisions we make?
    And that line about what you resist, persists = wow, so bang on!
    Hope you’re well? And compliments of the season, S, ’tis the time to be merry!

    1. The resist & persist was a lesson I learnt years ago from one of the programs I attended. It is really very true.

      There are times we will need to to wait, so wait we must. Also waiting doesn’t mean doing nothing. It is like a farmer who plants and nurtures a seed to his ability….then wait. In the bigger picture most of our choices and decisions are so trivial.

      My 2 cents :)

    1. Hi Ranu, sure we should move on hopefully having learnt a lesson.

      The important thing is how we conduct ourselves during that period of waiting.

      Pratikkha is a beautiful word.

      Thanks :)

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