For about 3 or 4 days, I kept remembering a song vaguely. I had forgotten its name, in addition I couldn't recollect the band. All I remembered was it was definitely a 70's band and either the band or the song itself started with the letter "S". I tried not to think about it, but … Continue reading Unlearning

an oasis in sight

magic of an oasis~in sight of the blind beauty of a heartbeat~heard by the deaf miracle of a prayer~offered by the sinner

Pilgrimage of Prayer

A barren land Renowned for its dead It was in fact A piece of heaven That earth held onto Few recognized it They were the pilgrims Against a rising sun Whilst the sand was still cool Barefoot in black They inched towards the shrine Their first pilgrimage or a regular Gratitude and remembrance In a … Continue reading Pilgrimage of Prayer