lovers and haters

don't judge love by the lovers nor determine hate from the haters fervor is fickle, flighty few pass tests of integrity

love…and hatred

so much love... ... so much more hatred *** perhaps we can each strive in our own little ways to spread more love? just a smile or a kind word it's the little things that make the world go round *** been so busy at work, I have neglected my poetry hope to be more … Continue reading love…and hatred

Love Truths

For those in love Truths are merely sweetened lies For those who hate Lies are only bitter truths

hate never helps

hate never helps you forget try indifference... that which doesn't kill you only makes you... wish you were dead pain doesn't always make you stronger sometimes it turns you softer so long as you stay away from bitter roses are red perhaps because they bled...? tomorrow may never come because this night seems not to end … Continue reading hate never helps

Blind Love

Love may be blind... ...But so is hatred