Finite, a Circle

Revering the beads As we whisper, counting  Sacred names, the greatest of words Immersed in each rotation (Or dreaming through it) We forget that real power Lies in the thread That holds the beads together Allows them to flow over our fingers Just a fragile thread Finite, a circle of infiniteness

Mumbled Words

Mumbled words of prayer Faculties devoid of reasoning Closed hearts, numb souls Mumbled words of prayer Left hand steals As your right slaughters Mumbled words of prayer The same tongue spreads hate Brother against brother Mumbled words of prayer Though one eye is open Suspicious of neighbourly intentions Mumbled words of prayer Counted on rosaries … Continue reading Mumbled Words

The God Particle

Out of curiosity I analysed God Particle by particle And I realised The Lowest Common Denominator Was... ...Me As it was In you In them In me I had The potential to be Him who I purportedly Worshipped And I could be The one who slays In His name And I had The freedom To … Continue reading The God Particle

Water Unpoured and Others …

water unpoured from the glass ~ to a clay pot ~ unfetched from a spring ~ unrained by clouds ~ looking backwards ~ at a parched earth Manifold meanings your words imply Should I stay on or say goodbye? Till she left He never really saw her Nor paid attention to her Like oxygen Always … Continue reading Water Unpoured and Others …