the next world

he said the world is round she said well, the next world will be flat after much contemplation they agreed to disagree

Circular Lives

Wait! Stop! You are going in the wrong direction... Today's post was inspired by the above prompt. Tell a story in 9 words. This world is round, perhaps our lives are also circular. So I am sure eventually we will reach our destinations. But perhaps there is a shorter way? What do you feel?

The Importance of Being an Object

The exercise for this week's poetry workshop was most exciting and I couldn't wait to post it (even though I have not yet submitted my assignment!) We had to write a 6 line poem in tercets from the perspective of an item we wear or carry frequently. Here is my take on it: unexposed, though I swell … Continue reading The Importance of Being an Object

against the moon

as though the tide was against the moon's pull she stood her ground in defiance to those who said she never could even gravity bowed before her allowed her to fly, just a little and how, she wondered, when the moon has little of its own how can it exert such a force  that whole oceans succumb? ** … Continue reading against the moon

love…and hatred

so much love... ... so much more hatred *** perhaps we can each strive in our own little ways to spread more love? just a smile or a kind word it's the little things that make the world go round *** been so busy at work, I have neglected my poetry hope to be more … Continue reading love…and hatred

searching for silence

in this world filled with noise i am searching for silence where is it? oh wait.. i see it.. right up there next to injustice

footmarks over time

if you draw the line someday it shall be crossed footmarks over time recognise no boundaries someday we shall erase borders (I am not so fond of borders, as you will see in my poem many borders)

I set out to change the world

I set out to change the world But instead, the world changed me And it was only from this change That I realised what it is To even want to change the world Change is her own mistress You cannot force her Nor can you prevent her, When the time is right Oh! to be … Continue reading I set out to change the world

own light

I wonder how we would see the stars ~ count the nights anticipate the elusive crescent if the moon had her own light would the owl be as wise if the moon had her own light and the wolf be able to howl each and every night? if the moon had her own light would … Continue reading own light

if only…

if only this world was big enough for all of us.... .....Wait! (Need I say more?)