light remains without weight and until light is defied its presence is unnoticed do you see light? no! you only see the effect of light on what obstructs light oh, how powerful is this light that has no significance on its own (like a religion without followers) but wait! light is fast, isn't it?... and with … Continue reading Unnoticed


falling... falling... into a bottomless pit but wait! a bottomless pit is the best type of pit to fall into falling... falling... *** inspired by Sadhguru

We will all die

I decided to do something different (and perhaps unexpected) because Snoopy expresses it way better than I could through poetry. Death is compulsory Living is optional Enjoy this day Enjoy the next Enjoy living :)  

own gods

we create our own gods ...and no, that isn't thunder it is the sound of laughter

Pray for Patience

I pray for patience But you do not give me If I could wait for it Do you think I would need it in the first place? I like to think that God loves the cheeky, that he appreciates wit and has a sense of humor :-)