You Live in my Prayer

Then there are poems which come to you in sleep's stupor This is one such poem Forgive my impertinence... You live in my prayer So frequently I plead for you That He knows your name Better than any of His prophets' You live in my prayer In between late night whispers Of oft-repeated verses You … Continue reading You Live in my Prayer

ancient minds

ancient minds spoke in verse and riddle with meanings double to keep us thoughtful yet scholars quarrel which sacred text is real

when heaven sanctions…

veiled by light's rays a weave of selected surahs* protecting her henna meticulously applied by houris overcome by modesty bridal verses recited as the groom awaits his heavenly match a marriage so unique ~ we identify light as revealing, but in this rare bond God's noor (light) acts as a veil *surah - a chapter … Continue reading when heaven sanctions…


and why indeed are they referred to as revelations when all their meanings remain hidden under layers of verses disguised as poetry with a purpose and why indeed were they revealed for all mankind while the common worshipper relies on scholars to sift through yet continue to argue on what is true and why do … Continue reading Revelations