comfort zone

live your life such that each comfort zone you slip into should be a place of recuperation, reflection before you move to the next your comfort zone should not be too... ...err...comfortable after a while it should in fact agitate you to climb higher to change direction to recharge your inspiration a revolutionary thinking an … Continue reading comfort zone

one wave

one wave defied the rise and fall of tide in the seabed created a storm where light, sound were unknown ~bE diFfeRenT~

fingerprints of my words

my words leave their fingerprints indelible and uniquely mine if you tried you would recognise me only i write that way i sing as i alliterate pausing for the music, i question what appears mundane with precise, frugal phrases you, well... ... get the point my meek remarks hide a rage suppressed follow the pattern the … Continue reading fingerprints of my words

A Legacy Forgotten

when the lord lent his legacy forgotten was the warning that each heart will view it uniquely so judge not lest ye be judged