gentle lies

I never found truth to be gentle lies, on the other hand are pleasing because they only tell us what we want to hear *** Yesterday's prompt was "gentle lies" At times I take the liberty to twist or stretch the meaning somewhat Helps to expand my thinking Bending the rules slightly ;-)

truths or lies

there are more lies in truths of today than they were in yesterday's lies imagine how many lies there will be tomorrow what you hear truths or lies add a grain of salt no truth nor any lie is constant your perception of truth or lie will change over time and experience with history uncovered through … Continue reading truths or lies

Heaven’s Chains

In the beginning there was guilt... I am re-posting my poem Heaven's Chains as an entry for Dungeon Prompt Week 8:  Guilt – Illuminating or Engulfing the Darkness? Was Eve a sinner or was she in fact, a savior? It was a secret of history Shrouded under the mystery Woman craved the apple tree From heaven’s chains … Continue reading Heaven’s Chains

Heaven’s Chains

(Heaven's Chains is a poem about Heaven through the eyes of Eve. Was Eve a sinner or perhaps a saviour? It is one of my personal favorite poems. Somehow, I found that post had been deleted. I am re-posting it now. It was a micropoem to start off with but I had a strong feeling … Continue reading Heaven’s Chains


and why indeed are they referred to as revelations when all their meanings remain hidden under layers of verses disguised as poetry with a purpose and why indeed were they revealed for all mankind while the common worshipper relies on scholars to sift through yet continue to argue on what is true and why do … Continue reading Revelations

Strands of Saffron

Strands of Saffron Are those strands of saffron on the sand, or the trickle of blood from that faraway land? Where the crimson setting of the sun, bore witness to the grief of each one Are those stars twinkling up high, look closely… teardrops glisten in the sky The moon hunches over in sorrow, as … Continue reading Strands of Saffron