is turns into was

all it takes, is half a moment

Sequence – #16 Carefree Moments

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Carefree Moments

Carefree Moments

a secret escapes

from the heart a secret escapes through the tongue too late... for recall hear the shatter of broken trust

innocent eyes

innocent eyes belie latent mischievous intent windows of the soul stained by the instinct to survive *** if only we could transcend our own need to survive recognise that others too, need to survive perhaps we could all survive together perhaps we could take each other beyond the mediocrity of survival

Trust Reality

Never trust reality, ever After all life is a delusion Differs in each perception The more we seek definition Less is the explanation


~ I will see it, when I believe it ~ he keeps saying he cares to which i always retort... well, you never show me! i don't feel it! but maybe i will never see it until i believe it i think maybe we should believe a whole lot more maybe we should err on … Continue reading Belief