back to silence

if you turn your back to silence it makes you complicit in its cover up karma filters through time transcends the loudest denials if you turn your back to silence it will pursue and shroud you when you need it ...the least and... if you turn your back to silence under assumption it means subjugation … Continue reading back to silence

True Strength

the cunning prey feigned submission as predator eased its guard their roles reversed true strength surely lies in one's mind (somehow I connect this with many relationships)

Silence Speaks

~ when silence speaks, we should listen ~ listen to the silence of the bells in the temple and the church the stillness in the call for prayer listen to the silence of submission, what is left to say? silence is the loudest voice in the face of injustice the silence of a baby's breath … Continue reading Silence Speaks

Dead Lifeline on my Palm and Others …

Kiss the dead lifeline on my palm~awaken the ardor~write one last song~ sing my ultimate story~deride destiny~we can only die once Children of the sun~ Born to no religion~ Brainwashed over the years~ They became bigoted believers~ when looking backward matters not thinking forward even less unaware of the now then ... you probably had … Continue reading Dead Lifeline on my Palm and Others …

The Lesser Gods

Those who rebelled against the Light Scattered themselves around the earth Man began to worship these dissidents Brother fighting brother In the names of the lesser gods The Light in man's heart fades Anger laces his words Once sweetened with humanity The gods sit back and watch They are home Playing man like a puppet … Continue reading The Lesser Gods