The Worth of a Conversation

A fascinating conversation on Twitter between myself and @coldtusker (CT). Such interactions enhance the meaning and perspective of my words, so thanks for your questions CT! Let us then face each other You enhance me For what is the worth of a star Without her planets and moons? Plenty, no? what is the worth of a hero without … Continue reading The Worth of a Conversation

shifted reality

however much they shifted reality it always faced the north star for you can never transform truth and deception is transitory

the compass of God

the compass of God always points inwards unwavering like the north star an infinite intimate cosmos 13th Rajab ~ the birth date of Imam Ali

nothing much

nothing quite as certain as the death of a star nothing as inevitable as a shift in destiny nothing stays the same, though nothing ever changes

North of your Soul

Last night, I dreamt. I was in an open field and there was a spoken word poetry performance, the whole audience was involved with impromptu but co-ordinated dance steps. There was only one poem and I loved its title North of your Soul. In fact I was upset that the title was already used, more … Continue reading North of your Soul