A World of Words

He created all from vibration We turned it into a world of words With plenty of sound But disturbed impact Confusion, noise Fluctuation, restlessness Wavering between directions Purity of vibration, misplaced *** Are you able to observe something/someone without lending your words or even thoughts, just experiencing it/them? I believe if we all observed without the … Continue reading A World of Words

embedded in heart

as the pulse is embedded in heartbeats so the soul lies within drumbeats in the beginning was rhythm at the end...an unheard sound


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhwJpac61Dg I was mesmerized when I heard this arrangement and just had to share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgwL_GCakQY Listen to our music teacher Isaac, so beautiful, so talented! *** How different really are we from each other? I believe if there is one thing that will unite us, it is Sound

music is…

music is circles of sound rhythm of light thoughts of a poet stitched together in a tapestry of waves

His Final Lesson

In the beginning there was rhythm rhythm founded a relationship between sounds sounds created the moods of melodies melodies nurtured expression through words words aroused the singer to dance And that, my friend, that is what music is a cosmic language a meeting and a farewell a recognition of souls And now, my friend, tell … Continue reading His Final Lesson

the sound and the fury

the sound and the fury of suppressed anger hovers behind them smiling eyes I wouldn't taunt her if I were you ...

wise monkeys

amidst muted colors we saw no evil blaring sound but we heard no evil with ambiguous words no evil we spoke heads buried in the sand wise monkeys we are

own gods

we create our own gods ...and no, that isn't thunder it is the sound of laughter

one wave

one wave defied the rise and fall of tide in the seabed created a storm where light, sound were unknown ~bE diFfeRenT~

beyond indulgence

beyond indulgence of imagination lies an unimaginable void where silence is not an absence of sound but stillness of thoughts