Listen to me

I have a story to tell Would you lend me your heart? I have a poem to recite Would you lend me your imagination? I have a song to sing Would you lend me the space slightly above your skin?


When I was in boarding school, I used to visit a really delightful little chapel. Though I do not believe I really appreciated the experience of going to a place of worship at that time. Non-Christians had a Prayer Room, but I opted to go to the chapel. I was about 12 and sitting on benches … Continue reading Yeshua

Speaking to God

when speaking to god all you need are seven notes may even get a reply I would like to share this heavenly song called Man Kunto Maula. There have been several versions and here is one I recently came across during the celebration of Imam Ali's birthday. Pooja Gaitonde has taken this song to … Continue reading Speaking to God

The Song of the Sufi

Hazrat Lal Shabaz Qalandar (1177 - 1274) was a Sufi saint, philosopher and poet. Hazrat means His Holiness and Lal was for the red robes he wore. Shahbaz - King of Falcons, Qalandar - a sufi saint, poet, mystic, noble man. He preached peace and religious tolerance among Muslims and Hindus. His mysticism attracted people from all religions. A … Continue reading The Song of the Sufi

A Poetic Pause

In this post, I will take a poetic pause. None of my poetry, but poetry nevertheless.. something a little different. I was reading this story and came across a beautiful video. Although I love music, I have not yet shared any of it here. This is a superb rendition of Amar Shonar Bangla ~ written and composed … Continue reading A Poetic Pause