the butterfly smiles

This poem is dedicated to my younger sister Citele. The world has lost a warm, loving soul who was still full of life. May she rest in ease and we shall always look out for her smile. you do not die in death She loved pink and yellow, thus the balloons and the reference to … Continue reading the butterfly smiles

My First Poem

The Listener Break time School playground Peals of laughter, screams Running, jumping Somersaults in the sandpit She lingered around the play area Dreamy smile on her cherubic face Gently kissed by short curls A longing in her eyes Hesitant desire in her heart Held back By blurred emotions Defied By physical impairment Imperceptible Yet undeniable … Continue reading My First Poem

the sound and the fury

the sound and the fury of suppressed anger hovers behind them smiling eyes I wouldn't taunt her if I were you ...

love…and hatred

so much love... ... so much more hatred *** perhaps we can each strive in our own little ways to spread more love? just a smile or a kind word it's the little things that make the world go round *** been so busy at work, I have neglected my poetry hope to be more … Continue reading love…and hatred

Freedom Means…

freedom means the liberty to question without enslavement of answers freedom means breaking of bondage from belief it is praying with palms joined and praying with open palms freedom means everything freedom means nothing and being happy with it freedom is in music freedom is silence freedom means leadership without any followers freedom means repose … Continue reading Freedom Means…

More Than Words

I’d rather be the rhythm than the lyrics I’d rather be the paper than the ink I’d rather be the ears than the tongue I'd rather be the photo than the caption Recognise me through my deeds Rather than my vows Identify me with my smile Not my prayer May my utterances Be overpowered by … Continue reading More Than Words


How you siege light shatter darkness Have you never before experienced the stealth of a sunrise? Dewdrops deliquesce, drool off lazy leaves stretching at sunrise melting moments of the morning Each day the sun rises  permitting you to measure time what you call God's mercy is little more than nature's precision and its self-sufficiency So whether … Continue reading Sunrise

The Poetry of Laughter

Whatever you are doing...STOP! Right now! Take a 10 minute break and watch this video to the end. Why? you ask. Because you need to, I say :) does laughter require a language and would a smile need subtitles? uncomplicate your understanding with prideless power spread the contagious clarity yes... it is that easy … Continue reading The Poetry of Laughter

no name

some relationships have no name try as you might they defy definition almost as though they never exist anonymous unattested accomplices like a tasty secret crush of cotton wool flighty fancy imagery don't sculpt out a silhouette or reveal into recognition if pulled to the level of mortality they lose the status of infinity if you have … Continue reading no name

The Sun Also Rises

the sun also rises in the slums that you pretend don't exist the inconvenience of poverty, filth yet children smile even without you As we start this holy month of Ramadhan, let us remember and appreciate how much we have. Let us think of those who have very little, yet they have their smiles. We … Continue reading The Sun Also Rises