Another interesting assignment from my poetry workshop The voice is a wall that's watching you. Yes, a wall! The first poem should be during the day, the revised one at night Both poems to retain the same word count Wallowing Indeed, ears we have Alas! No tongue To tell her of my longing For those soft … Continue reading Wallowing

Sleep’s Courage

Do you exist In your sleep Or do you blend  Into your dreams Perhaps you meet Those you are afraid to reach And you speak words Held just beneath your tongue What of your thoughts That you would never dare And that is the allure Of sleep's courage *** recognise the unparalleled importance of a good night's … Continue reading Sleep’s Courage

An Effortless Poem

aren’t we all simply~ sleeping for dreaming~ for waking for living~ for moment for lifetimes~ forever dying? We all certainly are forever dying Many die well before death Few do not die even in death We don’t always dream when we are sleeping Just as we do not always live when we are awake…. “A … Continue reading An Effortless Poem

in the dead of night

Such a beautiful breeze in the deep darkness in the dead of night God's sweet breath Soft exhalations as He sleeps satisfied in knowing that  I have the ability to take care of myself

and one more request

a small request proceed gently as you enter God's house you don't want to wake Him do you?


Now I lay me down to sleep Im praying for wisdom To know that All I know Is that I know nothing Only then I will truly be awake

forever dying

aren't we all simply~ sleeping for dreaming~ for waking for living~ for moment for lifetimes~ forever dying?

first call

dawn fast approaches water splashed on sleepy eyes standing tall on hurriedly unrolled mats and the day's first call of prayer

Convincing Dreams

it was impossible convincing dreams to turn into reality if only i had tried to convince reality that it was no longer a dream when the dream and reality fuse together to confuse each other and the reality is sweeter than my dream of what use is my sleep this night?  

Forever Ends

every night forever ends~ time is reborn each day~ give thanks for eyes that open heart that beats~ for in each sleep we die a little~