Listen to me

I have a story to tell Would you lend me your heart? I have a poem to recite Would you lend me your imagination? I have a song to sing Would you lend me the space slightly above your skin?

every flap of the wing

With every flap of the wing birds praise god With every flap of our tongue we reverse it all Once this little bird flew right inside the house and walked into my room, checked out all the books on my bookshelf, examined my yoga mat and then settled down at my favorite place... It never … Continue reading every flap of the wing

fingerprints of my words

my words leave their fingerprints indelible and uniquely mine if you tried you would recognise me only i write that way i sing as i alliterate pausing for the music, i question what appears mundane with precise, frugal phrases you, well... ... get the point my meek remarks hide a rage suppressed follow the pattern the … Continue reading fingerprints of my words