My Birth Place, a Dedication

Beyond a single palm tree Whispers a world of mystery Of potholes and jinns From šīn to sins   ~A dedication to Mombasa, my birth place~ *** Photo credit: Sunny Bindra Check out sunnysunwords Instagram account for more breathtaking photos *** šīn is a letter of the Arabic alphabet

the Unsaid

the unsaid prayer in the whisper of dawn weighs you down like the unforgiven sin that suffocates your heart and the unmeant praise to benefit your cause all those unkept promises . . . pave your way to hell till you hear that unplayed music touched by the unfelt sadness each uncried tear finally pours … Continue reading the Unsaid


the breaking of a heart produces no sound not like glass smashing or the crunch of bones heartbreak is as silent as a feather's flight extinguishing the light within the world slows its movement and angels stop playing their harps for the heart is god's abode heartbreak is the only sin that justifies the existence … Continue reading HeartBreak

When A Man Prays

When A Man Prays Sunlight turns to gold dust Prism in each rain droplet Majestic mountain bows Waterfall breaks into a pause Desert sand cool as mist Rose buds carpet the feet Angels lay down their wings Holy water starts to spring Mischief does not dare Sin smells of fear and God is obligated To … Continue reading When A Man Prays