tears of a starfish

and one fine morning the starfish and the shell a mismatched couple though they were decided to venture away from the sea a day out, they excitedly thought away from the tidal timings and its monotonous movements and so they shuffled along politely declining the seaweed's offer of camouflage ignoring the noxious jelly fish' s bid … Continue reading tears of a starfish

guilty footprints

guilty footprints on the sand replacing shells as waves reclaim, reincarnate them through the circle of life

The Pistachio Shell

The Pistachio Shell (An exquisite depiction of a pistachio shell by theWhisperer)  His fidgety fingers found the groove in the shell Clamped tight shut by god’s mystery spell He longed for the sweet nut encased in this shield To taste the secret heaven he tried to reveal The more he squeezed and pressed and tried … Continue reading The Pistachio Shell