The Importance of Being an Object

The exercise for this week's poetry workshop was most exciting and I couldn't wait to post it (even though I have not yet submitted my assignment!) We had to write a 6 line poem in tercets from the perspective of an item we wear or carry frequently. Here is my take on it: unexposed, though I swell … Continue reading The Importance of Being an Object

high noon

shadows smirk as you seek them while they hide in the moment of high noon

The Shadows Reveal

The Shadows Reveal Gathering the insignificant You call for loyalty Plead calm, also unity The shadows reveal Incitement brewed in the hood Congregating sleepily with colleagues Each week you scream A voice for the voiceless The shadows reveal Your pockets laden to the brim “Live with dignity Sanitation and security” So you light their candles … Continue reading The Shadows Reveal