The Sun Shifts

the sun shifts, ever so subtle only a shadow shall recognise .... and destiny and destiny is mischievous embrace the change befriend your destiny ***   The sun has entered a new phase, the arrival of spring, abundance of harvest, new beginnings. May your ego be as insignificant as a tiny sesame seed and may … Continue reading The Sun Shifts

A Slave Forever

A slave forever Remains chained to her master For what is the value of light If she cannot cast a shadow?

destiny leads you…

covering yourself to appear unseen, but when the stars reflect off the blackness of your veil how can he resist perceiving you? softest of whispers may be unheard, though echoes chime through separations for how long will your thoughts remain suppressed, when two can share one dream? the same dream... run if you like, but how … Continue reading destiny leads you…


Shades never seen the light above them Shades never believe the light even exists

Not Within, Nor Without

Don't ask me if I love you Ask if I still love you Don’t ask if I still love you Ask if I will ever stop Don’t ask me when I loved you Ask me when I didn’t Don’t ask me when I didn’t love you Ask me if there will exist such a time … Continue reading Not Within, Nor Without

Mischief of the Moon

when the mischievous moon taunted from the shadow's edge the sun was reminded that it was merely another star

Shadow of the Moon

For a few moments all hell broke loose when the mighty sun was eclipsed by the shadow of the subservient moon

If I Submit and Others …

if i submit what can you do? if you stop me i will only submit if i am needed i will submit when you tire of me i shall also submit to that the shadow hunter returns home empty handed ~ what could he hope to catch ~ when the shadows hid deep in his … Continue reading If I Submit and Others …

Water Unpoured and Others …

water unpoured from the glass ~ to a clay pot ~ unfetched from a spring ~ unrained by clouds ~ looking backwards ~ at a parched earth Manifold meanings your words imply Should I stay on or say goodbye? Till she left He never really saw her Nor paid attention to her Like oxygen Always … Continue reading Water Unpoured and Others …

The Lesser Gods

Those who rebelled against the Light Scattered themselves around the earth Man began to worship these dissidents Brother fighting brother In the names of the lesser gods The Light in man's heart fades Anger laces his words Once sweetened with humanity The gods sit back and watch They are home Playing man like a puppet … Continue reading The Lesser Gods