the knower of secrets

and the veil fiercely guards secrets refusing even the light to reveal unless it recognises the name of her master ~ Ali, the knower of secrets ~ * related posts the helper & the foremost

You and I

You and I Born on the same earth In different times Yet we met For a while ... You and I Living lonely lives In distant lands Yet we were friends For a while ... You and I Secrets within stories Spoke diverse tongues Yet we understood For a while ... You and I Connected … Continue reading You and I

Revere The Dead

What remains of mine will you bury Or perhaps even cremate? What rituals will you perform I will only follow my fate As I arrived, so will I leave Not a sigh shall be heard Nor my shadow be traced Through the realm and beyond Unrecognized I was while vibrant Fading away you paid no attention … Continue reading Revere The Dead

Inkdrops From Her Eyes

Inkdrops From Her Eyes Fingers gripping the pen Frozen in time Forehead heavy with thoughts Heart brimming full of secrets Words shying behind lips Inkdrops from her eyes Trickling down pale cheeks Vague blots on paper Facing the sweet warm sun Stillness of breath Butterflies adorn her hair As she lays herself down On the soft grass Fear no … Continue reading Inkdrops From Her Eyes