illicit poems

barbed wire poetry Sonya Kassam

the loyalty of love or the love for loyalty

a secret escapes

from the heart a secret escapes through the tongue too late... for recall hear the shatter of broken trust

remnants of identity

trapped within a name remnants of identity like a veil, torn but precariously screening me like the partition between two lands like two eyes that synchronize but can never meet past the delicate bridge of the nose a delicious longing a secret passage.. the third eye *** from where this poem started off to where … Continue reading remnants of identity

Yet Another Secret

I wrote about The Best Kept Secret before, but here is another secret... Shhh! Don't tell anyone about it... the best kept secret lies on the tip of your tongue for if it slips out distorted it will return will you recognise your own words?

no name

some relationships have no name try as you might they defy definition almost as though they never exist anonymous unattested accomplices like a tasty secret crush of cotton wool flighty fancy imagery don't sculpt out a silhouette or reveal into recognition if pulled to the level of mortality they lose the status of infinity if you have … Continue reading no name

The Best Kept Secret

and after the best kept secret was unfolded like delicate silk or ruptured from the depths of nowhere on the seventh He rested... and here is yet another secret