A happy accident - closer to home

Serving Time

Inspired by the quote: Space we can recover, time never ~ Napoleon Bonaparte Space is infinite While every moment time ends Space devours time Or else space dreams up time Only in the span of now Is time ever free of space Give time space And time shall serve you

Clouds, a Collision

During the first week of November 2016, I received as a gift* an opportunity to attend the Inner Engineering program by the Isha Foundation. Though I was (and am) an avid listener of Sadhguru's talks (many of you will be familiar with my poems inspired by Sadhguru), admittedly I went not expecting much. Curiosity and a chance to … Continue reading Clouds, a Collision

an eternal cycle

a river meanders in search of her ocean flowing gathering flowering eroding gravitating towards its yet unknown end where sweetness is sacrificed for the saline yet the water remains water hoping for its reincarnation a meeting in between clouds awaiting separate fates in their separate states the water still remains water perhaps beckoned by mountains or … Continue reading an eternal cycle

titanium tears

lustrous titanium tears shed from the ore of emotion a catalyst for relationships the science of a woman requires no evidence ~~~ she has adequate instinct

Evidence of the Unknown and Others …

Evidence of the unknown Is greater than that of the known If only you would stop your search In the temple mosque or church When my mirror becomes languid and reflects nothing, I polish the mirror of my mind and make up my own image the little boy and girl~admire the candy-coated round house~ as … Continue reading Evidence of the Unknown and Others …