once upon a time

she woke to the scent of unscraped henna infused with eucalyptus oil hint of auburn, a tinge of pride, a bride expectant, once upon a time

The Lost Prayer

and my prayer was lost within the scent of the jasmine hidden in the swirling of dust a droplet floating on the cloud through the exhale of my sigh i question if my prayer was unsent or was it unheard certainly unfulfilled prayer after prayer lost lost on the lips of another lost like early … Continue reading The Lost Prayer

if, silence

if silence had a face would you recognise her? if silence had a scent  how would you describe it? if silence could hear what secrets would you speak? if silence had words if silence had a tone if silence could be unsilent ....for a while i now know how it would sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkymzXlucbQ&feature=youtu.be This poem … Continue reading if, silence


Another interesting assignment from my poetry workshop The voice is a wall that's watching you. Yes, a wall! The first poem should be during the day, the revised one at night Both poems to retain the same word count Wallowing Indeed, ears we have Alas! No tongue To tell her of my longing For those soft … Continue reading Wallowing

The Breaking Point

Reaching the point that could break me... ... or will it?

Kun Fayakun

you asked me what i am

The Day Breaks

The Day Breaks Birds knock faithfully at my window Urging me awake, its nearly dawn Parting the curtains I see The blue-black shying away At the horizon The arrogant sun Can’t wait its turn A familiar call fills the air Which heart will fail to stir? Cold splashes do little Slumber stubborn to surrender What … Continue reading The Day Breaks