Rumours from Twilight

What secrets does the night hold? What is it that lies beyond light?

anthers of a flower

a forgotten acquaintance offers flowers to eat, their anthers specifically which i must say were nectary, sitting in a red double-decker bus until other passengers boarded i then drove my car into a dark so dense, so deep even darkness was not visible hesitantly moving on bewildered, bewildered, bewildered! i was guided to a bluish dawn perhaps not … Continue reading anthers of a flower

Finite, a Circle

Revering the beads As we whisper, counting  Sacred names, the greatest of words Immersed in each rotation (Or dreaming through it) We forget that real power Lies in the thread That holds the beads together Allows them to flow over our fingers Just a fragile thread Finite, a circle of infiniteness

You Live in my Prayer

Then there are poems which come to you in sleep's stupor This is one such poem Forgive my impertinence... You live in my prayer So frequently I plead for you That He knows your name Better than any of His prophets' You live in my prayer In between late night whispers Of oft-repeated verses You … Continue reading You Live in my Prayer

ancient minds

ancient minds spoke in verse and riddle with meanings double to keep us thoughtful yet scholars quarrel which sacred text is real