lies remain true

broken every promise only your lies remain true mirror's stained reflections dyed a crimson hue revenge bleeds slowly drip by drip.. ** I used to write a lot of micropoetry on Twitter for various prompts. Interesting to discover them after so long. I even forget what I was imagining when I wrote some of them.

back to silence

if you turn your back to silence it makes you complicit in its cover up karma filters through time transcends the loudest denials if you turn your back to silence it will pursue and shroud you when you need it ...the least and... if you turn your back to silence under assumption it means subjugation … Continue reading back to silence

punish or redeem

what good will it be to punish or to redeem when it is hard to forget

Perfect Partners

In crime he was my partner Of desire for luxuries We traveled far and near Scamming the unsuspecting Till I got caught ........ Betrayal! Four years later Credit to good behavior I searched for those Who owed me one Predictably they obliged Indiscreet he had been Leaving trails to be seen At a distance, there … Continue reading Perfect Partners