a voice from the past

revelations and misinterpretations

yours to keep

yours to keep forever is the message hidden within verses between chapters of thickly bound pages once related by an angel to be recited in an unprecedented melody yet not without questioning indeed a challenge to reproduce the like of the revelation or even a chapter, if they could and yet still... we let the meaning slip … Continue reading yours to keep


and why indeed are they referred to as revelations when all their meanings remain hidden under layers of verses disguised as poetry with a purpose and why indeed were they revealed for all mankind while the common worshipper relies on scholars to sift through yet continue to argue on what is true and why do … Continue reading Revelations

If I Die and Others …

If I die on your side of the border~ return my body for cremation~ bury my soul next to your ancestors~ I am a child of two lands they say love is blind but in my eyes lovers are blessed they see a different world where the sun also rises in the west ~what foment … Continue reading If I Die and Others …