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Better the World

Our responsibility is to improve the world that was handed to us by the previous generation. What skills, talents or interests do we have that can leave some impact while we walk this life? Could you take on the environment in your own little way? Address poverty or make strides in technology? Raise the level … Continue reading Better the World

while the rumour is raw

while the rumour is raw deal with it delicately figure out facts silently sift through the suspect ~ responsible reporting ~ ** (Aren't we all under the heavy influence of media? Conveying my message through alliterations, which I love to use...though not to overuse)

insecure leaders

nothing quite as lethal nothing as contaminating as leaders who are insecure about their leadership placed in a position of power they spew out fear as an exaggerated means of control like a depraved shepherd promising protection whilst leading the herd to the slaughterhouse behind luscious grass well fed, tender meat reclaim your identity secure … Continue reading insecure leaders


often misused, the one word answer that absolves me of responsibility is "InshaAllah"