A River Calls

river cauvery calling Isha Foundation Sadhguru

Rivers and lakes are drying up. What can we do about this?

not incarnate

sparkle, not burn float, not fall liberate, not incarnate

Intezaar – The Wait

and admirers whispered sweetest words but you never did yet another lifetime gone Painting by Shirish Pandit More art by Shirish Pandit: Pratiksha – The Wait a touch of crimson

an eternal cycle

a river meanders in search of her ocean flowing gathering flowering eroding gravitating towards its yet unknown end where sweetness is sacrificed for the saline yet the water remains water hoping for its reincarnation a meeting in between clouds awaiting separate fates in their separate states the water still remains water perhaps beckoned by mountains or … Continue reading an eternal cycle

I set out to change the world

I set out to change the world But instead, the world changed me And it was only from this change That I realised what it is To even want to change the world Change is her own mistress You cannot force her Nor can you prevent her, When the time is right Oh! to be … Continue reading I set out to change the world

guilty footprints

guilty footprints on the sand replacing shells as waves reclaim, reincarnate them through the circle of life