searched for me

i searched for me, but what i found was...

Eid Mubarak

dare not blink lest I miss the most flirtatious of all crescents reflecting silver strands on my hennaed palms

comfort zone

live your life such that each comfort zone you slip into should be a place of recuperation, reflection before you move to the next your comfort zone should not be too... ...err...comfortable after a while it should in fact agitate you to climb higher to change direction to recharge your inspiration a revolutionary thinking an … Continue reading comfort zone

dancing on a rainbow

dancing on a rainbow not a medley of colors but composed of seven notes creating infinite tunes where tear droplets of pain reflect joy to my delight, this micropoem happened to have seven lines :)

seek to hide

Staring back at me Was a vivid reflection Of what I seek to hide I should have never tried Ever to read your mind

glass hopes

glass hopes to be as strong as iron while iron pines to reflect one's inner beauty though it may one day crack

the power of tranquility

trapped by its calm reflection the sky in sea appears helpless a message for all never underestimate the power of tranquility waves roar and crash though they accept sovereignty of the moon detached, a vision of ease for all the noise of thunder it has not the ability to strike nor to illuminate the heavens … Continue reading the power of tranquility

Stained Reflections

Re-created as separate entities to reflect ourselves through each other torn at being apart yet bound forever by the thinnest thread we strive to sever You cleanse your sins by staining my soul in retaliation I break away to hurt it is only my own reflection I distort When we are still and face one … Continue reading Stained Reflections