Become You

Recently I completed a personal development and leadership program. This has had a tremendous effect on the way I think, as well as on my creativity. I feel a very subtle yet clear shift in my thoughts. The personal development program has helped me look at life in a different way. I was surprised (pleasantly!) … Continue reading Become You

Suspended Dreams

realities with the ability to fly are called suspended dreams and when they are untethered skies shall be lit by magical mirages

a future left behind

the moments passed but the time never did... the roses dried but the tears never did... the reality faded but the memories never did... and admirers whispered sweetest words but you never did... eagles from the highest skies did land but my fantasies never did... (and never will for as long as I shall live...) … Continue reading a future left behind

Trust Reality

Never trust reality, ever After all life is a delusion Differs in each perception The more we seek definition Less is the explanation

Dreams and Nightmares

Nightmare: when you cannot appreciate the reality of your dreams

only in stories

so what if it happens only in stories isn't your life one big story? plenty of blank pages sure but aren't you also holding the pen?

shades of reality

you who wear blinkers and shades of reality you are unaware yet on my door shamelessly you knock seeking the new term's vote

inverse realities

they met each other despite their inverse realities for destiny demands to be amused and love... love only needs two victims *** Sometimes destiny gets up to mischief and you need to be perceptive if you want to have the last laugh

the perfect mirage

they warned me of succulent dates sparkling water which would entice me away from my drab reality into the perfect mirage and they tell me to stop dreaming to renounce the life of illusion does the magician not stupefy you? does the night not hold capabilities? you can only learn to fly if your feet … Continue reading the perfect mirage

my senses

my tongue tastes the sweetness of your breath ears yield to gentle whispers skin shivers at the thought of your warm scent I avert my eyes as you gaze knowingly ** let Him take away my humanity my sanity my intellectuality even my reality but if He deprives me any of my senses I shall … Continue reading my senses