Celebration and Wisdom

Man Kunto Maula

sufi lady dancing

an absolute treat for the soul

Kabira Says…

This is a true story... or is it? You be the judge of that :) I have never really had a pet, I am not even a pet person. I love the birds that come to my balcony but could never quite understand why people would become so close to their pets. My sister devotedly … Continue reading Kabira Says…

lie after lie

lie after lie we believe read between the lies question their answers your lies we believed ... for a while 

hate never helps

hate never helps you forget try indifference... that which doesn't kill you only makes you... wish you were dead pain doesn't always make you stronger sometimes it turns you softer so long as you stay away from bitter roses are red perhaps because they bled...? tomorrow may never come because this night seems not to end … Continue reading hate never helps

Praying Hands

Today I would like to share quotes of Imam Al-Ghazzali about praying hands : How ignorant is he who has been given wings, and yet asks: Where should I place my hands! (while praying) ~Teach us where to place our hands in prayer ~ How many ask about the hands; how few are they who … Continue reading Praying Hands

A Paradox I Am and Others …

A paradox I am, I belong nowhere, yet everywhere recognizes me She asks for her veil, for only to be able to mourn freely .... a touch of crimson~buttery cinnamon bun hot frothed creamy~mug of latte coffee snacking on a sunday~while time melts away  Before I met you I held my head high in dignity … Continue reading A Paradox I Am and Others …