O the red robed Jhulelal, may I always have your benign protection

a happy new moment

a funeral, and a moment of courage

your every choice

black coffee shadow

see how it all comes crumbling down

Man Kunto Maula

sufi lady dancing

an absolute treat for the soul

Speaking to God

when speaking to god all you need are seven notes and...you may even get a reply I would like to share this heavenly song called Man Kunto Maula. There have been several versions and here is one I recently came across during the celebration of Imam Ali's birthday. Pooja Gaitonde has taken this song to … Continue reading Speaking to God

The Song of the Sufi

Hazrat Lal Shabaz Qalandar (1177 - 1274) was a Sufi saint, philosopher and poet. Hazrat means His Holiness and Lal was for the red robes he wore. Shahbaz - King of Falcons, Qalandar - a sufi saint, poet, mystic, noble man. He preached peace and religious tolerance among Muslims and Hindus. His mysticism attracted people from all religions. A … Continue reading The Song of the Sufi