the Unsaid

the unsaid prayer in the whisper of dawn weighs you down like the unforgiven sin that suffocates your heart and the unmeant praise to benefit your cause all those unkept promises . . . pave your way to hell till you hear that unplayed music touched by the unfelt sadness each uncried tear finally pours … Continue reading the Unsaid

unanswered prayer

and here I am your unanswered prayer if only you would rise from your prostration pray with one eye open for how will you know He has responded? or do you become blind and fail to recognise a gift? His bounties are all around you but you keep asking more yet more and then some more each … Continue reading unanswered prayer

Your Burden of Ego

and when you go into prostration ~ it is not to elevate god ~ but to lay your burden of ego to rest ~ pity you return it soon as you rise

A Thousand Prostrations and Others …

A thousand prostrations before you or a single word of kindness to him who is in need... which will elevate me higher? I forgave, over and over, so many times ... until I forgot what I was forgiving her stick taps the ground~ while walking around~ the blackest of dark~ years left their mark~ yet … Continue reading A Thousand Prostrations and Others …