Stories To Tell

If only they could speak The stories they would tell... The tree and the old building are not too far apart But they seem to stand in different worlds Could I have been there And you here? Are our gods separate Or is this a quirk of fate? *** I had an interesting day and … Continue reading Stories To Tell


the heart is the pulse of the body the drum is the pulse of the soul In yesterday's harmonium lesson, our teacher brought along his tabla as an accompaniment. They really enhanced the lesson and we had so much fun! I came across these videos which really bring out how potent the drumbeat can be: … Continue reading Pulse

endless lights

when evenings are endless lights, though of different origins find a common language to share conversationsinspiration for the poem came from a photo taken by my 8 year old daughter :-)

tears of reprisal

she feigned sorrow despair, disbelief biding her time, for they say it is best served cold... vengeance Art by Hesther Van Doornum

moments of infinity

... and when will you realise that infinity is made up of moments ? (This was an unintentional photo. I was actually trying to photograph something else, but this distorted version helped me think, whereas the "perfect" photo would have been just a picture) Edit: I was passing by when the bright lights of a temple attracted … Continue reading moments of infinity