Silent Symphony

observe their orbits of precision at a defectless distance what creation of ours could compare to the silent symphony in space?

every lifetime preserved

i feel your breath in my words a fragrance lingers long after I have written may I write about you in every lifetime preserved to a potential perfection

frozen faiths

do you expect frozen faiths to thaw leaden hearts when even god's perfection evolves, through each experience, within every essence stagnant beliefs decay minds

an imperfect god

just as I seek to better myself, so god also strives for improvement he must seek ways to make himself known to the questioning young minds, and those who no longer believe refusing to accept fate’s cruelty destruction disease disability surely which creator would torment its own creation thus? and so god must innovate steadily … Continue reading an imperfect god

The Last Option

the last option  to attain perfection  in the completion  of man's creation  after much contemplation  He decided on evolutionand from this higher position watches for His recreation as man debates in utter confusion

Perfected Perfection

when you have perfected perfection what more purpose will you pursue?