Intezaar – The Wait

and admirers whispered sweetest words but you never did yet another lifetime gone *** Painting by Shirish Pandit More art by Shirish Pandit: Pratiksha – The Wait a touch of crimson

a touch of crimson

and he claimed her with a touch of crimson in place of vermilion tears of kohl trickle his pledge to return bound by blood *** when at last he returned but not as she had imagined she tied a crimson ribbon on his casket, protesting a broken promise

Pratiksha – The Wait

It was not the distance but the direction That kept me from you Searching through cosmic marvels Within each duality Though I did hear your call And I know you heard mine Why else would I be drawn towards you? Irresistible, though the magnetic pull was no more than zero (and no less) Spinning through … Continue reading Pratiksha – The Wait


Sharing this painting by my daughter Alya Kassam. She also writes just as beautifully.

ink painting

it was the ink painting itself the artist was a mere façade for those who refuse to believe creativity hangs in the air searching for the one who is receptive it could be you... *** I keep getting asked how I think up my poetry. I hope the above verse explains it all