ignored voices

it is only collectively that ignored voices gather momentum echoes from the past drumbeaters of the future People Power

Two Stories

every side has two stories every story has two endings every ending has two purposes every purpose will find two answers every answer has two questions every question leads to two conspiracies every conspiracy targets two victims every victim creates two oppressors every oppressor deserves to die twice every death is traveled on two paths … Continue reading Two Stories

People Power

Not in their numbers, nor in their riches Not even in their positions But only in persistence do people find their power *** our brave heroes at Karbala stood up for justice and against oppression they were few in number, had little material wealth and were not leaders Speak up! Persistently!

wise monkeys

amidst muted colors we saw no evil blaring sound but we heard no evil with ambiguous words no evil we spoke heads buried in the sand wise monkeys we are

back to silence

if you turn your back to silence it makes you complicit in its cover up karma filters through time transcends the loudest denials if you turn your back to silence it will pursue and shroud you when you need it ...the least and... if you turn your back to silence under assumption it means subjugation … Continue reading back to silence

if only…

if only this world was big enough for all of us.... .....Wait! (Need I say more?)

wordless poetry

though their obituaries are wordless poetry shall be recited by angels at the tiny graves of martyrs victims whose only fault was they happen to be born on the other side of the wall This poem is about the children of Gaza and a reminder of the people suffering oppression and injustice. At the same … Continue reading wordless poetry

hues of red

hues of red in a common thread vermillion through blood to rose petals scattered over the white shroud but she stands proud a sacrifice so bold she would repeat double-fold ~ may the offerings of the oppressed be accepted ~

A Necessary War

It was a necessary war . . . Stifled by silence, denied by justice Where oppressors reign, unexpressed pain Perhaps to battle is our nature As lava sometimes needs to rupture Released from a mountain’s tyranny Seeking its own harmony Eventually From valley to horizon, their land becomes a prison Suffocated speech, freedom out of … Continue reading A Necessary War