of absence and presence

the absence of you is ever present in me though you had left, traces of you remain like a poisoned fragrance a lethal temptation like the nightmare at dawn a bitter companion like the remnant of a sting though i did turn my cheek how i long for the presence of you to be forever absent in me

anthers of a flower

a forgotten acquaintance offers flowers to eat, their anthers specifically which i must say were nectary, sitting in a red double-decker bus until other passengers boarded i then drove my car into a dark so dense, so deep even darkness was not visible hesitantly moving on bewildered, bewildered, bewildered! i was guided to a bluish dawn perhaps not … Continue reading anthers of a flower

Dreams and Nightmares

Nightmare: when you cannot appreciate the reality of your dreams

Dreams of Her Nightmare

Dreams of Her Nightmare Finally they felt at ease Togetherness, a belonging After the surge of euphoria Came an ugly descent The dark bottomless pit Escape from which Only brought them closer Their unique journey had resumed Yes, there it was A simple satisfaction Friendship flowing freely To mutual benefit Savoring the smooth sailing Without … Continue reading Dreams of Her Nightmare