her veil

she asks for her veil if only to mourn freely if only to hide tears if only to display courage if only to bury her sorrow she asks for her veil if only as a shroud... The Battle of Karbala was waged against Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammed, by the despotic ruler and tyrant Yazeed. Hussain and … Continue reading her veil

Seeds of Wisdom

seeds of wisdom were planted by elders but we divided the land each clan neglected to water the seeds now we mourn weeds of disunity

If I Die

I started writing micropoetry thanks to the #orjay challenge on Twitter. Every couple of days, we are given a new phrase to come up with a poem. This is what I did with the phrase "If I die" if i die still dressed in my bridal veil red with gold do not replace it with a … Continue reading If I Die

Separated by Nature

the seabed shook, shattered the coast of a continent the island isolated indefinitely mourning for its motherland